Les notes du nouveau patch de Dark and Light, qui sera déployé dans les jours à venir, viennent d'êtres mises en ligne.


  • Correction of a crash when the group command « ChangeGroupSelection » is used.
  • Correction of a bug on the weight calculation with an item of saddle type.
  • Correction of the positioning of the camera in the HUD of avatar creation when no character has been previously created.
  • Correction of a bug on the frequency of the monitor linked with the choice of the resolution.
  • Correction of the research of mercenaries for the holdings.
  • Correction of some teleports that were no longer working.
  • Correction of the calculation of the mean quantity of resources in crafting.
  • Correction of the double deductions of Goths during a trade.
  • Correction of a crash on the destruction of the spellLauncher on a double interrupt.
User Interface

  • Correction of a bug: the exploitations do not disappear from the compass when they are destroyed in-game.
  • We now have the proper name of the receipt in the quest’s Hud.
  • Correction of the detection of the mouse in the compass (on the 2 buttons around the compass).
  • The creation of a Light Half-Orc character has been blocked.
  • The unusable items are once again marked with a red mask (it was no longer the case with the new icons).
  • Modification of the size of the Settings Tabs in the Hud of the Guilds, Exploitations and fortresses.
  • Correction of the display of the texts in the exploitation Hud (some texts were invisible in the windows).
  • Translation of several texts in French.
  • The shortcuts of spells are no longer overwritten when we place a point in a skill.
  • The crash, when toggling between all the windows when the trade Hud is opened, is fixed.
  • We automatically displayed “NOVICE” as craft level for all the reward items in the quest’s Hud. We now display the proper craft level.
  • The compass was distorted with some resolutions. The buttons were therefore not in their proper place. Fixed.
  • The checkable box « forms of life », once unchecked, disrupted the functioning of the others. The bug has been fixed.
  • The Quest target location sometime wasn’t appear on the map
  • Correction of several links to icons.
  • Addition and correction of icons for the many NPCs.


  • Correction in the spells of Charm.
  • The spells of Heal Over Time no longer prevent the player from quitting the game.
  • If we receive a spell of Morph and that we are already morphed, the first morph is stopped.
  • Hunter:
  •           o Song of Weakening: the effect of the spell is now correctly triggered.
  • Bard:
  •           o Strike of the Musician: the spell becomes a debuff of speed against the selected target.
  • Ranger:
  •           o Sniper Shot : modification of the spell animation.
  • Druid:
  •           o Soothing Grove: correction of the problem of regeneration of points of life in the form of trees.
  • Wizard:
  •           o Frost Avalanche: correction of the value of the debuff speed.
  •             — ** Aura of weariness: change of the spell’s icon.


  • Enhancement of the server’s stability (Correction of Trace back).
  • Impossibility of using the delta, para and surf if we are morphed.
  • Upgrade of the textures of some buildings.
  • Optimization of the Client’s code.
  • Integration of new scenic objects.
  • Additional stands for the markets.
  • Addition of 3 new mounts: Trox, Lavrater and Skateror.
  • The player is now influenced by a God only as from combat level 20
  •           o No faction initialization at the creation of the character: the character has neither faction nor points of faction before level 20.
  •           o Deactivation of the temple’s Hud OK button (grayed button) before the level 20.
  •           o Modification of the contextual message for the interaction between a temple to explain the system.
  •           o Faction Aggro Inactive: Friendly behavior is set by default before Level 20, except for aggressive factions.
  •           o No gain/loss of faction points during fights before Level 20.
  •           o Re-initialization of faction points and current faction for characters below Level 20.
  •           o De-activation of the command /consider before Level 20.

User Interface

  • Added new icons for Items.
  • Added contextual help of the Huds for the acquisition of elements for Forts and Holdings.
  • Updated Contextual Help for spells when there is a change in Skill points.
  • Modification of texts in the Fortress HUD.
  • Complete thawing of the Exploitation HUD.
  • Complete thawing of the Fortress HUD.
  • Complete thawing of the Siege HUD.
  • Recipe names are now in the format + for more coherence.
  • Removed the interactions with the entities displayed in the compass.
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