Patchnote 1.0.16

NP3 met enfin à disposition les notes du patch 1.0.16 déployé le mardi 31 Octobre dernier:
Display & tools:
  • “Show active quest” checkbox is activated in the Quest window
  • Icons for “Rat Undead” and “Minotaur Undead” have been added
  • New location system rendering in the ground map: use of a coloured star to zoom/unzoom a location. This works for “/LOC” and quests localisation
  • « LOC » time of display has been increased (Used to be 30sec before, it is 90 sec now)
  • All the in game windows, but the Pet window, have been refined
  • Dialog window now have a dynamic size (they adapt to the size of the text)
  • Creation of a generic system to display FXP details linked to spell conditions

  • The barony now flashes when an IntraBarony fort is under “Preparing Siege” or “Siege” mode,
  • If the autofight doesn’t start, the player does not move anymore in the direction of his target (AutoMove mode),
  • Usually, when a player died during a siege, he was automatically excluded. He is now excluded only if he decides to go back to his deadBinPoint,
  • Spells called « Attract » and « targetType AroundMe » have been to replace the spell Call of Death: attract all the enemies

  • Quartering Quality Expertise has been recalculated and balanced
  • Mount seats do not wear out if the player uses a vehicle that doesn’t need a seat
  • Mount seats durability has been increased of 300%. Minimum durability: 2h30 / Maximum durability: 5h00.
  • Item price of repair has been lowered
  • Group XP profit calculation has been balanced

Client & server
  • The bug that was creating a disconnection to the client, due to a Drag&Drop action in the Bank window when exchanging items has been fixed
  • A second disconnection bug due to the action of opening first the Bank window and second the Salesman window has been fixed as well.

Bugs fixed:
  • Wrong weapon spell calculation while using autofight is fixed
  • The bug that was creating the melee weapon usury instead of the range weapon has been fixed
  • Salesmen say again « I don’t want to trade with you »
  • Screening bug with the feet of the avatar wearing a dress is fixed
  • Illusionist spells "Gale" and "Eye of storm" are revised
  • Rendering bug for the eyes and hair of the Human race is solved
  • Speed attack of weapon has been recalculated
  • The Summoned Agarh recovered its own appearance, doesn’t appear as a Human anymore
  • Rendering bug of shadows solved
  • The bug that was giving the Gothar Delta despite the choice of the player is fixed: now you get the item you choose among paraglide
  • Summoned Skeleton of the Necro class didn’t appear in the pet window and the player couldn’t manage them. This is saved.
  • The trade state rendering bug that was appearing when bag content is changed has been fixed
  • Death animations for all NPCs have been revised
  • It is not possible anymore to « replicate » Goths during a trade
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