Un correctif a été appliquer dans la journée de jeudi.

Notes du patch:

Improvements :
- 50,000 new quest items
- More translated texts
- Change on the autofight ''stick'' mode: all along the combat you will follow your enemy.
- Sellers from opposite faction will sell their items for twice as much.
- Recipes now say what class requirement the finsihed item will have.
- Even when your belt is used you will be able to destroy it. The items in the belt will go into your bags.
- Now you can add 100 contacts for each character. A message will appear when you have reached this limit.

Fixed bugs:
- The keyboard 'R' is now working as intended.
- You can't add yourself in your contact list anymore.
- Various bugs in the messenger list: contact sill present after you remove it.
- In the field 'Last Connection' of the guild HUD the year is now taken in account as intended.
- The NPCs will be able summons minions.

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