Patch 1.0.15

Le serveur de Dark and Light est fermé depuis quelques heures et ré-ouvrira en version 1.0.15 à 15h GMT+2.

Le patchnote à la suite. 

Gameplay optimization:

The Permanent Market evolves and welcomes some new craft houses, banks and salesmen for ingredients and resources. Players can use the teleport to the Permanent Market as soon as they are in the kingdom of Al Drifa.

* Autofight settings:
o The avatar stops at the correct radius when it is under « Stick » mode; the character doesn’t appear on the NPC as the fighting starts anymore.
o A first hit is handed out as soon as the player reaches the NPC.
o No minimum distance to use range weapons; the player can use a crossbow even if he is next to the enemy.
o The autofight cannot be launched if the player is too far away from his target; the player will run toward the enemy and then start the autofight function.
* New glider, parachute and snowboard models.

Display and tools:

* Shortcut bars:
o The pet shortcut bar automatically opens as soon as a player has a pet or catapult spell available.
o Details about the next level of a spell are not displayed anymore; the information window is smaller.
* Addition of a new button called « Reset All Tips » in the Settings window; the button activates all the hints and tips again.
* The spell recast duration is now displayed in the pets shortcut bar.
* Visual distinction between Standard, Roleplay (RP) or Epic quests icons :







* Answering options in the quest windows have been modified; icons showing « Accept » or « Refuse » have been added
* New display options window for the compass.
* New ergonomics for « Checkbox »; the player can now click on the name of the « CheckBox »

Balancing :

* Weapon durability has been enhanced: starting weapons are almost impossible to destroy, other weapons are 2,5 times more durable compared from before patch
* Attack distance of catapults has been changed
* Upgrades in the management of fortress towers

Client and server optimization:

* The latest BigWorld version has been applied;
o Enhances the server stability
o Corrects the disconnection issues when entering the game, and at other times.
* Client disconnection while a fort was attacked has been fixed.
* Most ATI bugs are fixed; you can now update the ATI drivers to the newest version.
* « Multi-thread » loading system enhancement:
o Objects appear faster
o The program sets in stand-by mode when there is nothing to do .
* « LinkObjects » management optimisation: the FPS is enhanced when numerous characters appear on screen wearing armor.

Other corrections:

* Class choice window has been enhanced
* The power of fortress spells has been modified
* Disconnection bug that happened sometimes as the player entered the game or during the game session has been solved.
* Name display of villages is inactive by default
* The shortcut bar management system has been optimized

Bugs fixed :

* The bug that prevented the spells from recasting if the shortcut was not displayed is fixed
* The bug that gave the feeling that a spell was recasting faster when some shortcuts were displayed is fixed
* The bug that was corrupting the shortcut bar icons is fixed

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