23rd of august 2004 dev chat log


23rd of august 2004 dev chat

Pikro : if a high lvl guild wants to take down a low lvl guild, except for the divine interventions, will the high lvl guild get a wanted status ?
Vuuar_[DnL] : ok.. there will be no wanted status on declared wars... only if higher players want to kill lower players just for fun... Or a group want to take a forteress just for fun with too much power...

[CCC]Swede : When will the login bug at the new community site be fixed?
Satange : Like I said on the boards, there is no bug, just a problem with wrong email adress or spam filter. By the way, you would able to configure your spam filter in order to receive the email from DnL. Anyway we're trying to dodge the spam filter but I can't give any ETA on that.

[SoF-Jr]Shakar_Assassin : will one be able to Place armor on his mount (example: a horse with armor on it aswell as your self) to better protect your mount in battles?
Vuuar_[DnL] : For the moment, pets can't have any equipment, but i am on dev to have the option.. :) I think we will have it.. Not like a character, but some yes...

Well the eternal question from many guys : When can we expect the new wave of beta invites ?
Vuuar_[DnL] : yes, the 1st september we will have a big patch on beta... we will take other beta testers just after...

[SoF]Delta : Will there be different kinds of mobs in different kingdoms, or will all the kingdoms have the same creatures but will they just be harder to kill in the higher kingdoms?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Each kingdom is on a god domination.. Each god have his own and prefer creatures. but in each kingdom, the others gods would like to have some place too.. Players can improve in game how those places will be big by their devotion to their gods... so all creatures can be found in all kingdoms, but some dominate others in each kingdom...

[CCC]Ethrendil : Can the guild leader promote one of the members in the guild? And will you be able to divide a guild into certain groups with their own communication system? Like, a mage group, a crafting group, explorers group, and so forth
Vuuar_[DnL] : A guild will be hierarchic, with a group system.. But dont worry, the guild tools will be implemented with guilds themselves

Kimuji : What kind of guild/player tools did you plan to add in the current website in the future ? (if you already thinked of this)
Satange : We planned several things, like, for example, add a race option. Anyway the guild tool will get a real major upgrade near the release because we will add the XML tools

[CCC]Pr3Va1L : Wont the fairies risk being too hard to play because of their small size and their fragility (because of the weather) and the fact they cant ride animals? Wont there be a too big difference with other races?
Vuuar_[DnL] :Players Fairies will be bit highers than others. We never say that they cant ride some animals, but for sure not a dodo :) Fairies will be only casters, and are specials characters, for sure it will not be for newbies players.

[SoF]Delta : can you attack or use magic while you are riding a dodo / flying a dragon?
Vuuar_[DnL] : yep, we work on that, you can drive and use some magic of the dragon and your own magic or range attack together. but the best is to have a passenger on your dragon : he will be able to attck too

[TSG]Aleta : Will characters be able to modify the appearance of their clothes and armor? (just appearance, not stats)
Vuuar_[DnL] : Yep, you will be able to color your equipment.. I already saw it...

La_Brume : Will there be a system of semi-animal transformation such as werewolves or werebear ? will it be reserved to some classes ?
Vuuar_[DnL] : yep, some classes can transform themselves for a bit in animal... Like a bat for a necro

[Effseh]jee : Will the illness, epidemic and virus existe in the game at side of spell ? and wit this the abilities for clerc/potioncrafter/docs to create and make researche on it to create medicines ?
Vuuar_[DnL] : I spoke about this possibility of game play with devs.. They think they can do it, so it will depend the delay or not we will have for the release... For sure i like the idea too, but i cant confirm a date for the moment...

Shiv : When you die on a mount and fall off, can your body kill someone by landing on them?
Vuuar_[DnL] : i will ask to know if body can be see like a weapon. I can't answer you for the moment, but for sure when your mount will die in fly, i hope for you that you will have a parachute. :)

[SI]Eryops : may you tell us the right factions of gods, a lot of question about the Ganheptemaron theses days...
Vuuar_[DnL] : THose are Gods alignments Ysatis : NG, Neutral Good
Agnar : NE, Neutral Evil
Zephyr : NL, Neutral Loyal
Hydra : NC, Neutral Chaotic
Neutra : NN, Neutral, neutral
Malecta : CE, Chaotic Evil
Hell : CG, Chaotic good
Calder : LE, Loyal Evil
Aesir : LG, Loyal Good

[SDK]Sadra : Will the guilds be able to manage/parameterize fight arenas in order to make Events ? Or will this be handled by GMs?
Vuuar_[DnL] : We work to be able to give tools to guilds for events... But only Gms can have events with new items to win. A guild can create an event and decide to give one of his item in reward.

Question from a few people: When will more information on classes/skills/spells be available?
Vuuar_[DnL] : ok, we work with AD on the new official site web. we will put more infos on classes skils/spells when all will be done... but for sure i will give later the complete skill/spells system.. i will give only more and more indications...

many guys : When will the next video be released? :D / will we be able to see races skinn soon ?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Races skins will be shown with the new official website. i dont have any more infos about the video... i wil ask Cesar about it.

[SI]Haaraz-Taliesin : Will the starting stats (exploration, magic, combat... ) Can we choose which stat to modify or will it be done by itself ? For exemple Dark elves have low social skills, could they become high level nobles someday?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Yep, everybody can become a high level nobles, but with less or more time... It's true for all the way in the game...

[CCC]Tsar : Will there be rewards for PvP kills such as special skills that can be unlocked?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Those special skills can be found in research mode.. But nothing is only for PvP for the moment...

[SoF]Sinist0r : will there be unique quests that only last for a short period of time ( a month or 2 ) following a continuous storey line?
Vuuar_[DnL] : I think you will have a good surprise.... Just follow the news on our website in september...

Botji : Will race affect what kind of items you can use/create ? Its hard thinking about fairies smithing a two-handed sword or platemail.
Vuuar_[DnL] : yep, races will affect bonus on skills... and a fairie can't wear platemail, i confirm.. :)

[Ba]Malinaria : Will players be able to fish in the river and use the fish as a weapon - throw/slap?
Vuuar_[DnL] : I don't have any information about fishes for the moment... I know that undersea is not yet on the release, but i don't know for the rivers...

AF|Fraek : Will there be any form of One-hit-kill attack for rogues (for assassintations)
Vuuar_[DnL] : Yes, Assasins, have a special kill to one-hit-kill attack, but it's more efficient the nights with no moons... So carefull those nights.. :)

Question from a few people: Can you give more info on the loot/death penalty system regarding PVP? Such as risks or rewards? Anything would be great :)
Vuuar_[DnL] : For the moment we dont want to be able to loot items on others players... I personnaly tried lot of games with those options, I spoke with players and they are often frustrated with this sytem. we are to take an amount of money already on inventory... Pvp system will be based on global loss of FXP... The winner will take less FXP than the other will lost.

Alheim : will the bards be a "jack of all trades" as in such that they will have minor access to both fighting and magical combat but not be able to master either / also is has been asked if they can compose origional pieces of music
Vuuar_[DnL] : Bard are Hunters, like rogues, rangers and archers, but they have special figting skills, that give them a good power in case of low mana regeneration... They need very few mana to use their skills... Music is a citizen skill, and everybody will be able to play music for SXP with and for others... Some our Dev are musician too, they specially asked me to put this gameplay in the GD.. :) so, you will enjoy music in DnL...

some guys : AD talked about recruiting volunteers during beta to help events organisations, is that up to date? How will they be chosen? AND are we still looking at the possibility of an END2004/EARLY2005 release date?
Satange : too much questions ;-P Yes we'll recruit people to help, soon after the new wave. They'll be chosen regarding why and how they want to help us but it's not a competition, don,t worry ;-)
Vuuar_[DnL] : The dev of DnL must be finished end 2004 or beginning of 2005, but we will take 2 to 3 months to test with guilds and calibrate the game play... So the release date will certainly be near april or may 2005.

How will player identification work besides identifying alignment? Can we learn anything else by clicking on a player or identifying them?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Ennemies will be in red when you will be near of them, friends will be in green... Trackers like rangers can developp their skills to see them far away...

[AF]Skullbearer : If a guild or guildmaster hires a large amount of NPC mercenaries for a battle, will officers of the guild have appropriate to their rank command, or will only the guildmaster have command of them?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Each player have to control his Npcs...

[SI]Orba : Calling the expansion class "barbare" is frustrating, we don't see the barbarian as a healer, we all think of Conan :)
Vuuar_[DnL] : Barbarian will be a powerfull class in DnL, that's why we dont want to put if at the beginning, like shaman one... Those will be bonus classes for hardcore players when they will be able to make a hard quest, and to begin a new character with those new classes... We dont want to have too much of thoses classes in the game.. they are like bi-classes...

[SoF]Sinist0r : as awareness of this game still seems somewhat limited, are there any planned events/ad's to bring it to the attention of a wider audience?
Vuuar_[DnL] : yes, that is why we contract with AD... But we have a PR in New York that already worked on the launch of DAoC... It was too early before today to put us on the light spots... with next phases of betas, we will be more agressive in communication
Satange : Concerning AD, we're now working in order to develop the community so I do hope the word of mouth will spread well. We take care of the localized PR too.

[TSG]Haliit : Can we get any more information on the benefits of each guild type? (the explorer, fighter, social, crafter guild types
Vuuar_[DnL] : Tools will be differents for each type

[SoF-Jr]Shakar_Assassin : will one guild get recoginiton for killing the opposite alignments king (example Dark guild kills light king. Status being Name just killed the light king) and it be registered through out the land for all to see
Vuuar_[DnL] : We will communicate the Important moments of the life in Ganareth to others... So,yes for your answer...

Will there be spell components in game? Such as items needed to cast a certain spell
Vuuar_[DnL] : yes, of course..

[CCC]Ethrendil : Is it possible to challenge a god and weaken him in order to create an advantage for the opposite faction?
Vuuar_[DnL] : You will be able to challenge a god only in the 10th kingdom.. Good luck.. :) But more players pray for a god, more powerfull he will be... :)

[SoF]Tmplknght : Are the pure mages going to be called wizards (dnl.com) or sorcerers (dnl.net)?
Vuuar_[DnL] : We think for sorcerers...

Alheim : will there be a so called "no mans land" between the light and dark sides or will it just be when you cross a certain point you entre one or the other - neutral ground
Vuuar_[DnL] : No "no mans land", just a border line with guardians, and opposite players will see their mana come to zero...

AF|Fraek : Will it be possible to make In-Game maps, and can we make frauds, so as to for example place land on it where the should be a ravine, to confuse gullible travellers? Can we mark out places on them, with an X for example, to denote treasure or a secret Guild HQ etc?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Map maker is a skill of explorers, I don't have yet all the possible options i can have for the game play... I will put maximum of them, trust me.. :)

Milo : What is the significance Eclipses or Moonless nights ? will it be bring cataclysms ? or increase/decrease magic power of moonstones ?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Special events like eclipses or moonless are usefull for craft or cataclysm events or more...

[SoF]Sinist0r : will pets or transports have a perm death system on them, or require feeding to keep them going?
Vuuar_[DnL] : pets and transports can be perm death... but you can try to rez them like your own character... It will not be the case for others summon pets...

[CCC]Swede : Will mages be able to use heavy armor just like fighters? and if so, will they get some kind of penalty, like weaker spells etc?
Vuuar_[DnL] : mages will not be able to wear heavy armors, only light wearing...

[SoF]Arminius : How does one go about praying for a god? (simple prayers? offerings? animal sacrifices?)
Vuuar_[DnL] : You have to build temples and make offering in temples...but carefull you will not be able to build temples anywhere.. depnd for each God...

[TSG]Aleta : Can the gods be called on only by individuals, or can groups or even guilds do it?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Individual, like a player or a lord in a forteress or a city....

[SoF-Jr]Divdra : Will there be marriages in the game and if so can two people of the same sex character(avatar) wise get married in it
Vuuar_[DnL] : yes, it is our duo mode.... You can choose a companion, and you will have special skills only for him, like recall him everywhere... but those skills will come with time

[Si]Amie : Is it possible to betray his God during the game and follow a new one ?
Vuuar_[DnL] : Initially i decided yes, but we think it will be too dangerous in game... So i think it will be not be possible....

[CCC]ChoedanKal> You say that mana will drop to zero when the line between light and dark is crossed. Does that mean dark characters wont be able to use magic on light ground?
Vuuar_[DnL] : exactly...

Mirloc : may we climb at trees and hide there or kill monsters or players while there ?
Vuuar_[DnL] : you cant climb trees, but you can go in elves cities, they are in trees.. :)

Saigneur : During connection in a hostile area, will our character have an invincibilty timer to not get attacked / killed during loading
Vuuar_[DnL] : Yes, but we have to check how often they connect/reconnect to avoid exploit.. :)

Hughalex : As regarding Random Spawned Villages in the Kingdoms. Will it be possible for a player or group of players to destroy the peoples and buildings of those villages... and if so.. will more villages spawn to replenish those that are destroyed?
Vuuar_[DnL] : yes, that will be, but villages will not respawned as the same place.. So players cant camp in DnL so easly for XPs...

[SoF-Jr]Shakar_Assassin : is it possible for a rogue (assassin) to poison many things besides his weapon. like foods,traps potions marked as health but is really poison?
Vuuar_[DnL] : A rogue can poison a lot of things.. but i cant tell more for the moment.. :)

many guys : So if you're Light and you're on a land covered by a Dark mana fountain, the Light mages will not be able to cast anything ?
Vuuar_[DnL] : No, only in Dark Kingdom. in other kingdoms, you will be weaker, but you will have mana... only your regeneration will be slower

|TSG|Haliit : Will rangers be able to wear heavy armor and wield large weapons, or will they be stuck with being dexmonkeys/archers - also asked how a character being explorer AND ranger will affect abilities
Vuuar_[DnL] : rangers are hunters so they can wear only leather stuffs

Agent-Calavera : is there any news on the farming situation , growing crops and breeding cattle etc
Vuuar_[DnL] : No more news about that.. :)


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