11st of december 2003 Dev chat log

11/12/2003 Dev-chat log file

<eg0> "Can you give us more information about books and scrolls and what your plans are for these features?" - [GE|MS]Zelph
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> casters must memorize spells in a book, they can write them on a scroll which can be launch from some others classes if they have enough level to do that..
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> it's can be dangerous for a character to use a too powerfull spell found on a scroll...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "What is the current state of the beta? We haven't heard any news lately." - [R-A]Chabi
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Beta works well, we are happy of that, our few numbers of beta testers seem to be happy too.. :)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> we will open to much more really soon... Thomas can speak more about that...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done
<thomas> Yes a little precision
<thomas> we will shortly open to a larger number of testers, so cross your fingerz and be sure your profile is up to date
<thomas> done

<Neorapsta>  Could you please, please, please tell us the 3 specialisations for the warrior class?  - [CCC|TG]Grath
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> lol...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> next.. :)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "When using a bow (or similar weapon) will we be able to target a group of monster/people in order to hit someone randomly in the group?" - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> for bow, different attacks are possible with specialities, area dammage is one off them..

<Kimuji> how pets and familiars will be managed? Will there be a distinction between them?  Will be able to give them orders or to take their control? - <[OLB]Mauclerc> 
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Different categories of pets exist, some with really poor IA, and some with little bit.. :) yes you can give simple orders to manage some of them..
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "Can the lens flare effect be turned off? It's just a photographic lens effect and is irrelevant in med-fan worlds." - Cocyte
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> what's the trouble with lens flare eftect ? i read some message in a forum, i have to precise you that we are not on the earth.. but on Ganareth, and why do you think elves eyes don't see any lens flare ? lol ...

<Kimuji> Can we kill a rival, which is higher level than us, with a critical strike, in One Shot ? -  <[SI]Aleoen>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> it must be difficult if his really higher than you.. :) it's typically those kind of things that we have to balance with beta testers... SO i can't answer you at this moment about that.. But one shot is really too hard for me.. it's not really gameplay for others...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Neorapsta> If there's an error in the terrain/landscape, how do the developers fix it without rebuilding the world?  I ask because we're all under the "assumption" that the world of DnL builds itself.  Does the texture itself simply get altered and reloaded onto the "model" of DnL's geography? - [GE|MS]Demetrianasas
<thomas> i can answer
<thomas> our technology is based on dynamic mesh creation so, it's impossible to get data mesh errors
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> it's a question for Pix our Lead Game dev, founder of this technology... But a simple patch can fix any landscape troubles...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "Will we see another Video soon?" - PAX
<thomas> as you can easily understand we prefer focus on the dev
<thomas> but something tells me that a fan will soon provide a homemade video
<thomas> no trick possible so...
<thomas> done

<Kimuji> Can we expect soon more information on races' background soon (names, culture, habits and so on) apart from what we'll find in the upcoming rp texts like the story of Al Drifa? - <[SI]Ark_Turukh>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> We actually translate lot of texts that we will post in our official site.. I will work with Tom to put you more infos ASAP, think at the beginning of next year.. :)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Neorapsta> "Will there be spells or skills to disguise our true identity?" - Endoryan
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Spy is one of the mastering of Explorers
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> spying make you like a Dark people if you are a Light and vice-versa

<eg0> "What is the policy on character naming? Will there be numbers or ascii characters allowed. And how are you going to handle the possiblity of 50k+ names, meaning its going to be difficult to get a name later into the game." - [TSG]Nevar
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> We don't have any policy about that yet...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> Will weddings give special benefits to the characters ? like bonuses or presents as a blessing of the gods ? or anything else ? - <Skaar>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Duo is really important for us.. Wedding is one form of Duo...Duo Character Mode will give more options to them.. like teleport one to other, bonuses in fight and craft etc...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "Will there be falconry?" - [AoG]Hellglenn
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> I like Falcon as a pet... But i don't think they will have enough time to make us a nice falconry system at the first release...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> so why not for otehrs releases..
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> " What will the reall purpose of Druids be?  Will they be just cleric/fighter hybrids or will they actually have their own niche? Finally, will they recieve weather altering spells?" - <[AA]Howlingoak>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> yep druids are really powerfull in DnL with their own niche... Weather is one of them.. :)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> Is it possible to store very large weapon in a backpack? ie. spears?" - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> we actually took the eq like system for bags, with bag for large items and some for smalls items..
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> Will the guild masters (or the king) have some special feature like scepter, crown.. ? -  <[R-A]MiniMei>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]>  nobles have specifics crowns in game, we dont define yet the panoply of guild masters
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "There have been rumors that high lev characters will become demi-gods if this is true what safe guards are in place to stop people from abusing this power or creating worthless quests." - Alheim_AtCollege
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Demi Gods are less powerfull than Gods themselfs.. so Abuse is punishing by Gods in Ganareth.. ;)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> "In an Interview, I've read something about beeing able to ride your shield for surfing purpose. Will this feature be include or not ? - <tregor>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> lol, that's Cesar promise ! so we have to do it.. Dwarf surfing on a snow with his shield.. :)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> We have snow, we have shields, we have Dwarfs.. we have Cable Car... So we have to code all of them.. ;)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "Will the crafting system have resources to collect in order to craft items? ie Gems, Ore, Wood, etc.." - [AHH]Shindo
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> yep, craft system is based on ressources, skills, equipment and..... the most important : Optimal conditions !
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> crafter have to put thebest condition they could to optimize chance to make great item !
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> "Don't u think with the introduction of public traffic that the arrival points will be choke points for PvP - balloon/ship station camping?" - [SoF]thePREdiger
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Public traffic are link to a strategic point  like cities... If a faction have got the city it have the public transport with.. so np.. Public Transport in AL Drifa is not a problem too, because you dont have to fight there, there are some terminator Guards at Al Drifa.. :)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0>  "When a guild takes-over a fortress and invests for it (wall, weapon, etc..) will it make a large difference in battle?" - [R-A]Chabi
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> yep for sure.. but cost is important.. So the Lord have to manage well his district.. ;)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<DivZero> Is there anything new regarding mounts, such as horses and dodos? Secondly, will we be able to play with our pets, and feed them with animations present? It would be nice to have interaction with them beyond exploiting them for their most basic advantages - [GE|MS]Demetrianasas
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> you will see more about mounts soon..
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> To play with your pet ???  Can't answer you about that..  I really don't know.. :)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> Will the Gods be represented like monsters ? We can see players waiting turn to kill gods in EverQuest... will we see the same in DnL ? - <[R-A]MiniMei>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> 10th Kingdom is the Kingdom of the Gods, they are not often there.. you can read the Ganheptameron to know why.. :)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Epic fighting with some Gods will exist in this kingdom, but i really supposed it will take you some time to go there, even for the more hardcore of your comunity.. ;)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0>  "Do u plan some sexy skin for the female elves models?" - GluboAFK
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> We have to make poll to know if all want a sey elves models.. :) lol i am relly sure of the result...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> i will ask graphist for.. ;)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<DivZero> Will we be able to organise archery constest : which mean needs of an advance management of accury on a wood painted target ?" - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> We have to find a little race to put apple on his head !!
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> i don't think so for the first release...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> "Will wanted people be able to settle a community (outside the guilds) in order to survive without going to towns?" - [Ba]Alwindor
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> really interresting question.... sorry, i take a joker about this..
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "How many beta testers there are in the beta at the moment, if you can reveal?" - Pax
<thomas> we cant reveal now, but our next wave will be more than 500 new persons
<thomas> done

<DivZero> Will their be Generals to command armies? and if so will the Generals have certain optioins available to them allowing them to controll their force and view the battle field? - Rev
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> yep special strategic maps aer enable for general
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> so they can pass their orders to their officers...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> "If I stand up in front of a unknown people for the first time, will I be allowed to know is name or not?" - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> we have not yet decide for names on characters.. we really want to decide about that point with testers themselves
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "Will it be possible to have hidden treasures that will change place once some player will have found them?" - esmeagol
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> not only treasures, but monsters camps too.. it will be difficult to simply camp in DnL... It's really not our philosophy...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<DivZero> "After a rainfall will it be harder to light a campfire?" - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> It's a question for zedux.. :)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> i don't know if it's possible at the moment, but theorically yes...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> "Do certain landscapes have certaina effects on different race/classes?" - [SoF]Zenstorm
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> yes, and for some crafters too..
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<DivZero> "Will player charging on an ennemy with its mount give extra effect or damage to the opponent's mount or himself ?" - [Ba]Alwindor
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> fight with mounts is not easy to manage... we have to test before accepting rules.. So can't answer surely about that..
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> Will the effects of the different wounds on characters and monster will be apparent ? For example, will you see scars or will the monsters seem wounded (in there behaviours) ? - <Tregor>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> I think we will not see any scar on monsters... But sometime we have some surprises from our dev team..
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<DivZero> "Will we be able to build and lead a pub or something like that?" - [AoG]Hellglenn
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> yes, you can lead a Pub in DnL.. and make good beer and food for your friends
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> if i m the master of a city can i ban some players, some race, some profession? -  can i edit a "kill on sight" list? - <Angon>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Lord of a city have some  power, but it's difficult to ban a player of your faction from the city ! but your NPC can be more happy to meet some races or classes than others...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "Will public transportation (such as balloons and sky trams) be used during battle or just for transportation?" - [T7P]Windigo
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Some transports are only for transports, some others can be use in battle
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<DivZero> "Will there be an upkeep or maintaining cost for your keeps/fortresses?" - [SoF]thePREdiger
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> yep there is upkeep cost to manage your city..

<Kimuji> How many way to move in DnL ? Walking, runing, Flying, Swimming, Crawling, On the Knees ? -  <Wolverine>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> By feet, mount, public transport, teleport....
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> Will the different types of races be able to have their own shout ? i.e. something they could shout togheter before a battle to give themselves courage ? - <[SI]skoot>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> good idea... if we have time to implement...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<eg0> "Are the 13 specialization in smithing part of the 42 jobs or are they JUST specializations ? which means that 41 jobs are remaining ?" - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> We will put certainly more jobs in first release version...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> But initially one specialization was count like a job...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done

<Kimuji> How can we help someone under siege if we aren't suscribe at the defense ? Buy sending reenforcement ?  - <[SI]skoot>
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> sending reenforcemnt are only authorized in some window of time...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> but when a official balltle begin, all the battle zone is protect by gods themselves...
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> Gods play checks with you in Ganareth.. ;)
<Vuuar_[DnL-GD]> done


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