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Friday May 9, 2003, all the JeuxOnline team dedicated to Dark and Light was the chance to discuss during more 4 hours with Vuuar (Lead Game designer for DnL) and Thomas (official DnL websites' webmaster).
Below, our exclusive report of the discussion. :)


Alderic : For the drop, you said that they would be looting for everyone, don’t tou fear ninja like in EQ ?
Vuuar : No, we don’t, as soon as the foreman have decided not to loot, the group have priority for the loot

Artemus : Can we have information about siege weapon?
Vuuar :Some would be more mobile than other...

Artemus : Can we have some precision about the learning of the cast ?
Vuuar : All about classes will be revelate only for the beta, sensitive information sorry. But I can say that everything is managed with skills

Artemus : You told that all classes can have pets, Are some classe are more predispose to ? Golem creation for ex ?
Vuuar : Yes warriors may have transport pets, Necro have golem etc... ;)
Artemus : Can we morph herself ?
Vuuar : Yes, we need to work on morphing cast, but I watch over.
Artemus :Can the convocation cast use the environment ? (point a lake to invoke a water elemtal for ex ?
Vuuar : Worst we can invoke powerful monster the mmoonless night, Hell menhir coircle for exapmle with many invocator
Artemus : ACan we find wish cast for example (is it possible in video game?)
Vuuar :Not easy, but we work on original cast ! on top of classical cast
Glostrian : Blind cast?
Vuuar : yes

Artemus : A date for the start of the beta ?
Vuuar : Beta 1 after E3, at the biginning of june if all gone good.

Artemus : As can we know what you have provide for the E3 ?
Vuuar : Mmmmh ok :) a video who make run a character by different way from light country to dark country during three day without zone changing. In fact, it was in real time.
Vuuar : It’s more than a video because you can interrupt and show the land, move around, go back to the automactic path. And the looser is the dwarf (he must learn to run faster)
Yes but he’s crafty, he often take path across

Lorieron : An explanation on the rare items, on a dev chat they will be visible on the radar, the question have been raised on the web community site, what do you plan if excalibur’s owner for ex will be too careful and keep herself in a remote country or often offline ?
Vuuar : An artefact has is own life, he’ll decided id he rest or not with the player. Also, if a player is too much time offline or in safe territory, he could chose an other or came back to his initial position. Be careful to try stolen an artefact who wasn’t at your divine faction...
Glostrian : Serious consequences ?
Vuuar : He to become a lich by a Shadowknight sword... like paladin with Necromancy instead of cleric.

Glostrian : What do you drew one’s inspiration from ? It’s like AD&D, is it your real inspiration or is is chance ?
Vuuar : Principally our player sensibility. I was a hard core gamer when I was younger and I often play paper role game of whom AD&D. 
Glostrian : Which game have you player ? AD&D ? Rune Quest ? the both ?
Vuuar : not Rune Quest...
Vuuar : Chtullu call
Vuuar : I also like some good reading evil sword...

Artemus : It will be already confidential, but is it possible to have an example of ability detail (description criteria) ?
Vuuar : Clarify
Artemus : Just a model of ability, what are the criteria, the characteristic, ect who managed in the ability
Vuuar : For SXP or FXP?
Artemus : one and the other, for example :p
Vuuar : lol
Artemus : For example, we knew there is a swim ability, a cook ability. What are the stat who manage (not sure to be clear)
Vuuar : Based on the same things
Vuuar : A case where you can put skill points
Vuuar : 20 max until master level, and 200 when you are specialised in great master in one field
Vuuar : Further more you have an indicator who show you your train in this skill
Vuuar : The points you put show your power
Vuuar : lyour train level and your succes rate
Glostrian : But the base in the ability would depend of some characteritic ? I can suppose that a fairy would swim less good as a wood elf or an human...
Vuuar : Yes, it will have handicap or bonus link to the race and the classes

Draltahn : How many skill point per level ?
Vuuar : lWhen you level up in FXP you win 2 points in fight an 1 in social, the contrary 2 points in social and 1 in fight for a level up in SXP.

Artemus : The furtively is also an ability ?
Vuuar : yes
Vuuar : eexample on the jump ability
Vuuar : When you wanted to jump to an other point you aim the point, and according to your skill point your arrive circle was more or less exact.
Vuuar : So imagine that you want to jump on narrow forteress walls, if you missed Ouch! A thief would be naturally more accurate, and above all quicker
Vuuar : Also yes, you can try to jump but you aren’t sure to arrived where you want
All your skills are like that . Easy to understand and intuitive at least we hope that, the beta palyer will say us

Alderic :It will be difficult to have the same charactere ?
Vuuar : Impossible to do in my mind  You need to create them in the same time
Because star constantly move

Camelias : It would be great the astrology, have you prepare some star’s map ? With the name of the star
Vuuar : Yes Look at the mythology

[break of 15 min]

Vuuar : ok back
Vuuar : Tom fight with the graphic engine for a screen...
Artemus : Hehe, we could have some great screen
Vuuar : For the moment it’s the E3
Vuuar : Haha not obvious now, we have include the volumetric cloud
Camelias : Silly question: were there lightening and thunder ?
Vuuar :LoL yes, besides I saw that today, i twas beautiful 
Vuuar : They have just been added

Artemus : The climate also had an influence on characteres (and on the NPC villager who flee a storm for example) ?
Vuuar : Yes the climat could be take into quest creation account... Like a spell can be incantate only when the weather is fine
NPC should be consider as player in the game. Our system didn’t see the difference, execpt a gestion and charateristic when are least large.

Artemus : and for the NPC, are the trader have unlimited or limit stocktaking, can a trader be unavailuable of food to sell if he wasn’t supply ?
Vuuar : Yes almost when you are a master or a great master, we can have trader NPC. We put on the four corner or the world but they need to be supply to sell goods
Alderic : How could you program they ? must we tell ehr the price for example ?
Vuuar : yes
Vuuar : but further more you need to give us raw material
Alderic :Were there advanced parameter ? Like guild price, allied price or for the unknown ?
Vuuar : Good idea for the different price... It’s easy for us to managed it. I can tell you that this part of the game wasn’t in the first beta

Artemus : In the same idea: the trader are all the same or are there specific to each race, gnome trader specialized in complex mecanism for example ?
Vuuar : Trader could be of differente race of course
Vuuar : They would have bonus or malus characteristic link to their race
Artemus : And are they open all day long or have the trader to close shop at the nightfall for example ?
Vuuar : It’s depend of where they are, but yes, they could close the shop

Camelias : And if they died ? -_- we lost everything ? Could they be steal ?
Vuuar : Theft would be manage sparingly, it’s a sensitive subject
Vuuar : We prefere the gold theft than the items theft such discouraging for the one who were stolen
Artemus : It’s possible to steal other peaople, but in which limit ? Divin align ?
Vuuar : Never of his own faction (Dark or Light)
Camelias : Yes, actually it’s a good idea, it was better when the real thief stole gold and not an armor (completely impossible toso unnoticed) if we could steal our faction... we could only steal in fight ?
Vuuar : Oh no the furtive exist not obliged to fight, if you were a god rubber...
Vuuar : Further more moonless night
Artemus : Is it possible to act in furtive mode ? (archery and still be in furtive?)
Vuuar : I can tell you that I saw a furtive mode on a player: you need to try hard to see it if he play very well... like PREDATOR with Shwarzy

Artemus : By attacking a thief could we became wanted for ex ?
Vuuar : No you didn’t become wanted when you defenced yourself, if a newbe attack a high level, it’s under her own risk... his god can’t do anything against him if he defended herself
Artemus : Giving a thief a hiding is also consider as a defending act ?
Vuuar : Yes it’s a defence act . We are a PVP game but not in a PK orientation

Alderic : about PK, you have already say that is was able to fight a duel. Many people ask: if it was possible to have an arena to organize gladiator fight
Vuuar : Friendly duel yes Where duellist make the rules at the bigging
They will be arena For example each make a bet before... the winner win the bet

Alderic :One people on the forum suggest the idea to create a gladiator rank, in quota with some bonus, what do you think of that ?
Vuuar : There is quota for the high ranking
Vuuar : Either for the worker and either fight specialist
Alderic : precison on quota besides 
Vuuar : When you are great master we can rise from 20 to 200, but there is only one who were at 200 in his speciality, a thirteen at 199 etc
Vuuar : The fact to be the chief allow to earn powerful items but we aren’t chief all life long???
 Ditto for the fighting
Artemus : The competition will be hard. Can we lost her rank if we won’t be online regularly for ex?
Vuuar : Yes, the very great master must be online often, although someone take his place and he would stay in the council

Artemus : And what about time, had he been an impact on the personage (look older or even died) ?
Vuuar : We asked the question at the begin, but we decided no.. It would be unforable to the human in comparison with elf, the tought of it makes the player sick to losee his personage.
Vuuar : Don’t forget we aren’t a levelling game !!!
Vuuar : Our game realy start when you have the max in SXP and FXP...
Vuuar : At this moment the player can organize and show the way of the life of Ganareth
Draltahn : Master of the world, I always dream to do it...
Vuuar : HIS fight arena will be the Gob’s one with his like he can defeat or make prince of the kingdom and can try to put his low level friends... etc in short a chess game by interpose players, but with many oppenent of the same level

Alderic : To be a forteress owner, county, dukedom or even a kingdom give some advantage? Can we exploit private mine and create city around forteress but it’s all ?
Vuuar : The more you are in the hierarchy, the more you can use high level of management
Vuuar : Example : the lord of a forteress juste have to managed NPC trader, craftman and the protection level of the forteress, actif or not with the duty.
Vuuar : The Baron have on top the management of the hunting territory of all the barony
Vuuar : And so on, I say nothing, secret...

Artemus : The map is also secret for the moment ? (is it possible to have a little part of it ?)
Vuuar : If you have joystisk, there is a little part on a pub

Camelias : Come back on constellation, they all have a name right, but has the star of each this constellation have or had already have a name, which if we pray for can influence ? Like a druid praying Sirius of Neurta constellation.
Vuuar : No, for the moment each player will depend of a constellation in his all…
Vuuar : But give a name to star like the higher mount why not!
Camelias : Ok, we can see constellation map if there is?
Vuuar : hehe, yes, they are already in our sky... We need to settle them for that they shine in the right moment...
Vuuar : I study astronomy, generaly it’s alpha for the brigthest, beta, gamma etc for the following
Camelias : I Will play an astrologer their I think
Vuuar : JI think they were a lot of fan who made an astrology section in DnL ;)

Artemus : Is it integrate in explorer ability? can we draw sky map like we draw earth map? or coastal map ?
Vuuar :I confess you I don’t predict this scenario
Vuuar : coastral, may be for ruin or undersea city

Camelias : The beta form will be able soon ? (I need to change my computer)
Vuuar : Tom will answer for the form
Tomdnl : The beta form will be able soon, he wasa able to evolut our profil
Tomdnl : You can update it if your computer evolue during the different beta
Tomdnl : one week max

Alderic : Vuuar a little question for the guild
Vuuar : ok
Alderic : Will there be a bank system for guild ? For example each member can put items, gold in the bank whom can be use by the officier for the maintenance of the guild, NPC of the forteress, etc ?
Vuuar : There were powerful tools for the guild, the bank is the rudiments ;)
Vuuar : But the guild tools came later.


Thanks to Vuuar and Tom for this very long dev-chat :)

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