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Friday May 9, 2003, all the JeuxOnline team dedicated to Dark and Light was the chance to discuss during more 4 hours with Vuuar (Lead Game designer for DnL) and Thomas (official DnL websites' webmaster).
Below, our exclusive report of the discussion. :)


Aldéric : Hello, and thank you to be here :)
Artemus : Thank you to give us some of your time :)
Vuuar : Hello everybody
Tom : Hello

Tom : Creative labs eax has nothing to do with the dev, they would be parteneer as ATI and Nvidia

Aldéric : In the Joystick last article, you said that Farlan entertainment was your publisher
Vuuar: It’s right, it’s a news private capital compagny who was creating to publish Dnl

Aldéric : Have you decided of a power monster indicator to recogniz them ?
Vuuar : Yes, we have, by a color like EQ or DAoC

Aldéric : For the management, will it have a real supply and demand trade system ? For example : buy a bargain product in a countr, and resell it more expansive than you buy it in an other land where they need a lot of this porduct.
Vuuar : The PC didn’t buy worth and resell expansive... It will let some marginn for the player who have a work

Aldéric : We know that eclipse could give some special ability to the craftsman objet. Is their some other proprieties who need stars ? For example, according to place of the moon in the sky, our ability can be improved or decrease ?
Vuuar : Yes, if the moon is dominating, your mana’s improved more quicly... the moonless night are the most dangerous one, because the killer can work easily.

Vuuar : The more you go on the realms, the more you can find the objct who are rare and some rarer appeared.

Vuuar : Yes, the moonless night are more dark... The moon were some good light in the night... So that, player avoid to play totaly in the darkness... I am not alluding to anydoby in particular... ;)

Aldéric : As human can play all classes, we can, for example, have a Brave and a shadowknight in the same group ? Wasn’t it an incoherence ?
Vuuar : They can group, but their divine faction must have problems... also with the same aligment... It’s a Jol scoop... ;)

Glostrian : Divine faction ?
Vuuar : I can explain divine faction... ;) Each player can affiliate to a God, but the choice was in fact limites to one or two God on the nine... ie. an human druid can be NL, NG, NN, NC, NE, but a Necro Drak elf can only be CE; a Brave Paladin juste LG LN.

L = Loyal
N = Neutral
C = Chaotic
E = Evil

Vuuar : So, if2 lights form a group with a Brave Paladin and and human Necro, their divine faction will be oppoiste and their chance in fight would be increase... All the more, their god didn’t managed a such group, and they should do penitence to rediscover a best faction without risk to cast a slur on her faction.

Vuuar : Divine faction will be important to invoke her God if a higher level PK try to kill you
Glostrian : We can invoke your God ??
Vuuar : Yes, to limit the player killing. If a red player or a purple is attacking you, when you aren’t asking something, just because he want to kill you... you are sure to died then you start praying your God... If he heards yout prayers, the high level must have a hot... ;)

Aldéric : We know it’s possible to recrute a mercenary (NPC), but how are they manage ? They manage themself with the IA of the game, can we in spite of this give them general orders (attack, defend, keep the position, etc.) or must we all managed like her own personage wiht giving them in advance orders ?
Vuuar : A NPC will be managed like a pet in EG... But a player can decide to let his personage in NPC mode for that his friends can use of him like a pet, but he also risk to died

Aldéric : Our personage will be a better forteress keeper than a normal forteress one in taking consideration of our level ?
Vuuar : In general situation, yes, but we can also choose the type of keeper, if we paid well... ;)
Vuuar : In NPC mode to keep a forteress, our personage was at the disposition of the Lord of the forteress. Because some clever would wait for the ungodly hour to attack the other’s forteress... I’m sure of this ^^

Glostrian : and if we died in NPC mode, what happened ?
Vuuar : You came back to the first mana pool at the next connexion, it’s the same if she was very far...

Aldéric : Are the mana pool also be bind more to be teleport and other ?
Vuuar : Yes, but don’t be bind... If the farther mana pool is far it would be kind for you. Also, the more you are in ennemy territory, the more yout died are difficult

Artemus : This involve the strategic interest of the mana pool ?
Vuuar : I think so. They are all the more link in the lical economy because we need to give her moon crystal and wood.
Alderic : Wood ?
Vuuar : Yes, they need firewood
Vuuar : the resource that a player decided to give to the mana pool give him SXP but no money, the same resourece giving to a city who ask for, will give him money, but no SXP.

Vuuar : We have official mine, protected and with no limit or production, neutral whrer dark and light work together... and savage mine who have to be discovered by your skills, more weathly than the official, in general, but with limited production.

Aldéric : For the background, above all the future Ganareth’s history. Is she already wirte or will she be writen by the player ?
Vuuar : The mythology is write down, but Dark and Light history is starting at the end of the mythology and would be write by themself... We’ll published the mythologic text early so that RP player could realy immerse in and set the tone to the game, it’s very important for me. The other less RP player would find a soul for the game...
Aldéric : Will it be have Chronicl like in DAOC. So that people could have news from the other kingdom, guild could chek their territorie?
Vuuar : We will go farther than simple chronic... Don’t forget that it will be only one server and that everyone lives in the same world...
Glostrian : Were there riddle in sacred text ledding to quest ? Part of story ?
Vuuar : Hehe, no quest would be done in the space, all the more the most important. :) The keys were in the most time in the Ganheptameron, all the more to begin.
Vuuar : I’m working on a nevermade quest system, base on each player characteristic with his astrology and their PT curves...
Lorieron : Can you tell more about PT curves ?
Vuuar : No, PT curves is a secret characteristic of DnL, but their is a word game in the name...
Camelias : Her astrology ? It will have special characteristic, like lunar month or other, during the creation of the characters ?
Vuuar : At your birth, the star would influence you all your life, increase some characteristic... When your cosmogony will bright in the sky, all of this sign will be favour...
Vuuar : It will be very difficult to have some identical personage.

Artemus : Can we use all we find for having meal ? (can an explorer count on his skill to have meal when he was far from the village for example) ?
Vuuar : Yes, you also can made shoulder chop for the other in the middle of nature. Watchout for the mushroom, they could be hallucinogenics... ;)
Artemus : How can we live without having meal or drinking ?
Vuuar : The regulating will be done during the beta.
Camelias : Can we poison with cake ? =)
Vuaar : Good idea, I take note for the manual of assassin
Artemus : And what was the consequency of not having as meal as we normally have to ?
Vuaar : You would be tired, not fight very well, difficcults to concentrate for the cast, but a good eating allow to keep more on without having meal

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