Dev Chat #2 du 28 mai 2003 (English)


Wednesday, may 28 th 2003, after many reactions on the official forum about our last article, Vuuar manage me a short conversation to rassure the community about important questions while resulting.
Below, the report of this new exclusive DevChat.



Teleport system and Leader

Aldéric: Did the teleport system risk cancelling all about the spying and the location?
Vuuar: Yes, the spying would exist, in the contrary, the location also exist, the look-out etc… A leader has to do the location first, and after his army can come, so he can show the fight resistance:
Vuuar: if he doesn’t ask for enough people, he would go to death, and his leader ship must decrease, if he asks for to many people and the combat through out off balance, the defensive lord can call his god and it will be a disaster for him and his army…

Aldéric: About the possibility to open a gate in front of the fortress, don’t you fear that would imbalance the game?
Vuuar: All the more, a lord can make some patrol around his territory to be watchful to a hanging about people and to hunt him before he opens a gate. We can’t open a gate directly and easily in a fortress, only in the outside area of this.

Aldéric: Ok. But about the preparing time, wasn’t it short for a lord?
Vuuar: The gate opening near a fortress switch on the lord’s radars, an attack without teleport will be longer to manage but she will be more difficult to prepare for the lord.

Aldéric: Don’t you fear that people who don’t know the area come in with this system?
Vuuar: A player, who signs for a fortress raid, can sign only if the fortress is in a known area he has already discovered. In other word: impossible for player to be teleport quickly in an unknown area.

Aldéric: And what about the fortress defender?
Vuuar: Only the registered defender in this fortress could come with a gate, but we can be registered in only one city, show to the number of the city…
Vuuar: Do the right choice between the big city with good protection and a lot of activity and the small unprotect fortress with a little activity…
Vuuar: But be careful, the fortress is still strategic point of the game, and when many fortresses were owned by the enemy the great city fall without fight!

Vuuar: But all this have limitation and a cost for the leaders, but I tell about later… It was just to show the strategy type who exist in the game :)

Aldéric: Ok and to return about the teleports, if the leader is furtive?
Vuuar: Above all you need to be a Sioux to open a gate with out being localised… When the gate is open, the defenders risk not sleeping and letting you doing what you want.

Aldéric: can someone who just have finished a raid go immediately in an other raid who take place in an other kingdom and again and again?
Vuuar: when the raid is over and if he already knows the other kingdom, yes, why not… But in the other game (ndlr: who said EQ?) you can make many raids with some druid who look for the other player… Not very interesting because we need druids and we are always waiting…
Vuuar: You have to be choice by the leaders of the next raid. It’s not compulsory… He signs, but the leaders choose which players come to his raid or not.

Alderic: If a player dead while fighting, what happen? Could he come back immediatly?
Vuuar: For the fighting death, the player will be back to the nearer mana pool and can't come back, execpt if he was rez by a clerc on the battle field, but there is a recover time for the rez like in EQ...
So the clercs will be important il the battle... not to loose the first line definitivly...

Aldéric: About the history of a group in mine who are teleport by their leader to escape an attack?
Vuuar: Yes, but there is a trick for the mines…

Guild administration

Alderic: Can you specify the guilds' specialization in DnL (guilds of fighters, craftsmen, etc.) ?
Vuuar: for the guilds... I think that I was not enough clarifies that a player can register in several guilds in the same time.
Vuuar: a fighter, one of trade, one of exploration a Juste for fun etc.; we are not limited to only one guild in DnL.

Alderic: But for each speciality, the number remain limited?
Vuuar: Each guild has its speciality but the players can be registered in many, but not with 2 warlike in same time. I do not know if I am made well include/understand.
Vuuar: It's the difference with other game.

Vuuar: thus Pb of the guild general practitioners is not posed. they are the players who are general practitioners not the guilds... and a whole of player can be found in several guilds.

Alderic: And there are 3 sorts of guilds (fighting, of explorers and crafting) ?
Vuuar: Yes, and a friends' guild (without any tools, in this case), ie tarot players of Al Drifa.

Alderic: And what's about guild's tools ?
Vuuar: Tools are powerfull... and a fighting guild will be more efficient with this toll than an other non fighting guild (without tools). On the other side, a crafting guild will be more efficient for items craft than a fighting guild.
Vuuar: in fact, it will be always possible de join several guilds... That's the interest of our two progress axis.

Aldéric: Thank you for the community Vuuar, this questions were important to the eye of many people :)


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