27th of january 2004 Dev chat log

27/01/2004 Dev-chat log file

<vuuar> plis is our lead graphist Artist in NPCUbe for DnL
<plis> op everybody
<vuuar> Pix is our lead dev for the engine... great one isn't it.. :)
<Pix> hello ;-)
<vuuar> Falco is one of lead dev too... very lucky to night.. :)
<Falco> Hi all
<Falco> How ya doin?
<vuuar> Welcome to Dream, the last lead dev of npcube !!! Full to night.. :)
<Dream> Hello every body...
<Dream> How are you ?
<Kimuji> We have great people tonite
<DivZero> well lets get started then :)

<vuuar> i propose you to ask technical questions in the first time..
<DivZero> Okey
<DivZero> Well, if anyone has any technical questions, pm some of the mods :)

<Kimuji> <Kaela> Can you already give an estimation of the number of people our computer will be able to render within the game, like in battles for example ?
<Pix> ok, we have a technical limit of 512 characters for 1 square kilometer
<Pix> done

<DivZero> <[SI]Aleoen-behr> How will you perform patch updates on a single server ?
<Falco> Hi all, regarding the patch files, we certainly will handle it in a very traditional way
<Falco> We will ring everyone as they start the launcher
<DivZero> Will the whole server be pulled down when patching?
<Falco> And we will stop the server as we need to make full updates.
<Falco> done

<DivZero> <[SoF]Fydrinc> Q: How smart is the AI?
<Falco> The AI is currently going deeper and deeper for the NPCs. We design the behaviours first, thanks to the GD. Then we implemnt each component of the behaviour

<DivZero> <[R-A]Chabi> (see on forum) it is possible to play with a 56K modem ?
<DivZero> Yes the game will be possible to play on 56kb

<DivZero> Will we be able to teach each other skills? Like: A good fighter teaching another fighter some of his skills? Or only learning by killing mobs or learning by doing?
<DivZero> Grand master will be able to teach others skills
<vuuar> Teaching system will not be implement for fighting
<vuuar> but you can have some research skill, that you can sell or give to an other one...
<vuuar> Grand master is for craft skill system
<vuuar> done

<DivZero> <[TSG]Feamacar> what can we expect the minimum computer requirements to be?
<Dream> The minimum computer requierment : 1.8 Ghz
<Dream> Video card : 64MO vram
<Dream> OpenGL compatible
<Dream> And 256 MO of RAM Memory
<Pix> for the minimum configuration, i recommend 512 MO RAM
<Dream> If your sound card is compatible EAX and 7.1, the sound effects are better...
<Dream> But you must have a 16 bit sound card minimum
<Pix> done

<DivZero> <[SI]Aleoen-behr> Will you programm avalanches/snow slides
<Pix> as you can see on the last video,we can surf now...
<Pix> and of course, we provide avalanches too...
<Pix> done

<DivZero> <Philchow> How will one be able to differentiate the Dark players and the Light players? Will have luminous, clothing...?
<vuuar> We not define yet the process.. :)
<vuuar> done

<DivZero> <Rev> What is resource gathering like? Do you take an axe and chop trees for wood, or is it very simplistic, you just buy the materials.
<vuuar> you need some machine for.. :)
<vuuar> you we know more when we will talk you about craft and ressources.. :)
<vuuar> done

<DivZero> <[SoF]Fyrdrinc> Q: What happens if the population limit for a square kilometer is going to be exceeded? The person is prevented from entering? Or does the server start lagging?
<Falco> The limit is not square kilometered.....
<Falco> In fact, the density of both players and NPCs is automatically load balanced on the
<Falco> main server
<Falco> which dispatch on other computers
<Falco> So you will be able to have 1000 people in the same area
<Falco> but, depending on your copmputer capabilities, you will may see 100 of them
<Falco> But the server will know everyone
<Falco> done
<Kimuji> so "<Pix> ok, we have a technical limit of 512 characters for 1 square kilometer " is only for video render?
<Pix> yes, that's right, but it depends of the configuration in use
<Pix> we have a system of LOD wich allows to display up to 512 characters
<Pix> but in a small configuration, the Level Of details will be low
<Pix> done

<DivZero> <[SI]Khomenor> If we use to have the same dodo to ride, does he have a memory? should he be more domestic with his master? Can our mounts level and get skills too?
<vuuar> Depend of the kind of Dodo...
<vuuar> done
<DivZero> but can mounts learn skills?
<vuuar> of the dodo ?
<DivZero> can we learn the dodo skills, like attacking or faster running
<vuuar> no skills for dodo... :)
<vuuar> done

<DivZero> Angon> you said in some dev chat and interview that dev will give specials tools for the guilds. Can we have more info about that tools
<vuuar> Those tools are more to manage group and give
<vuuar> possibilities to make some quest....
<vuuar> done

<DivZero> <[TSG]Voronwe> Will it be possible to build buildings in the wilderness, or will that be restricted to certain areas like near fortresses? What exactly will players be able to build?
<Dream> It's impossible for the moment to build building.
<Dream> We prepare a lot of better features.
<Dream> done

<Kimuji> <[MP-STAFF]Silka> Q: When we ve got Dodo or another animal, and we disconnect, what happen with the dodo ? will it appear when logon on or do we lost it ?
<Dream> If you are on a Dodo when you disconnect, you keep your Dodo when your logon on.
<Dream> done

<Kimuji> <Rev> Whats the end of the world like? if i walk/swim/... in one direction for hours and hours will i come to the end and fall off? or would i just hit a barrer? or would i just walk around the world?
<Pix> in fact, there is no end because the world is a planet
<Pix> and even if this first version ends at the sea, maybe one day you will
<Pix> discover what is beyond...
<Pix> done

<Kimuji>  <[DnL-Bible-Staff]Bensor> Can we have more names of crafting?
<vuuar> soon, very soon.. :)
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <[TSG]Siria> How vital will completion of quests be to a character?  Will they involve progression in a character's skills, aid a character in gaining better equipment, ect.
<vuuar> Depend of quest, and depend of your orientation....
<vuuar> for example : The Epic quest for a fighter will bring him better for sure...
<vuuar> The Epic quest for a Crafman, will raise his skill to do better equipment...
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <[SI]Aleoen-behr> Assuming that one of my character (on my account) is on offline mode, can I play with a different character or will the 1st one disappear ?
<vuuar> ???
<vuuar> you want to play with 2 characters ? with one in LD mode ?
<[SI]Aleoen-behr> Will the fact that I play with another character will disable the offline mod of the 1st one
<[SI]Aleoen-behr> and make him disappear
<Falco> No, you will not be able to play the 1st character at the same time. Because of the profile management....
<Falco> Your character will be out of the world
<Falco> done

<Kimuji> [ClP]_Thrilin-> Will there be any Sound and Group Emotes ?
<Dream> Yes. There'll be a lot of Emotes Group and sound.
<Dream> done

<Kimuji> <Angon> In other MMORPG when we want to make transfer (gold, item) from one of our char to and other we have to ask friend to help us. In DnL will we have facilities to transfert item from a char to an other?
<vuuar> you will have a house where you can manage this beetween your characters
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <[DnL-Bible-Staff]Bensor> can we fight ourselves with objects which aren't weapons?
<vuuar> You can fight with all you have in hand.. but carefull to try to kill a dragon with a plate.. :)
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <[SoF]Qylo> How will object collision be handled? Will Fighters be able to form lines that other playes cannot cross (like in battle) and if so how will this be handled in cities to prevent griefing
<vuuar> Ok, in fighting mode, you will have central collision
<vuuar> that will authorized a group of fighter to stop others...
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <Dakryk> When will you start the recruiting of Game Master ? And will they be allowed to test their GM Tools during the beta test ?
<vuuar> we will make an annouce for that, when we will be ready... but for Sure GM will have their tools.. :)
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <[OLB]Holyseal> do you already have an estimation of the disk space that will be required for the game ?
<Pix> about 900 MO on the hard disk, but after patches, maybe more
<Pix> done

<Kimuji> <[R-A]MiniMei> -Is it just a wrong idea, or do you have really took a lot of UO (Ultima Online) gameplay idea for DnL ? Do you think about UO as a model for DnL ?
<vuuar> Lot of Gameplay Idea come from lots of games and differents experiences...
<vuuar> but we like very much traditionnal games too, not only video one.. :)
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <Jeyk> If I draw an arrow but an enemy posts himself between it and my target, will this enemy be hitted by the arrow or it will pass to through ?
<Falco> The ennemy in front of you will have no impact if your ....
<Falco> weapon used was target based.
<Falco> doen
<Pix> if you target an enemy, and if he doesn't move, you have all the chances
<Pix> to have hit him, even if another character stands in between
<Pix> but, if there is a detonation, the charcacter which is stands between
<Pix> you and the target will be killed or injured too...
<Pix> done

<Kimuji> <[TSG]Frosty> Will characters get stuck only using cretin type of equipment. Example rangers; Has A ranger wood I have to where light armor and use A bow? Or could I chose to where medium or heavy armor and use A pole arm? To be more of A paladin of nature instead of the assassin of nature Most games pigeonhole us in to?
<vuuar> You have to manage your equipment, armor and weapon, depend of situations in game.. Sometime it's better for a ranger to take his light armor with a bow, sometime not.. :)
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> [SI]Dahood -->The game launcher will pass by a website as we can see on some new games or will there be a classical launcher, like the one in EQ or DAoC ?
<Falco> Ok, for the launcher process, a traditional tool will be launch first which will look for your installed ressources
<Falco> and then if there is a difference between what's o n the server and yours, it will automatically download the new ones
<Falco> And, depending on the tyoe of ressource, it will download in various ways
<Falco> done

<Kimuji> <[MP-STAFF]Silka> Q: When we use a spell target base. When the target move behind a tree, does the spell hit him, or the spell is block by the tree ?
<vuuar> a spell is not blocked but a range bullet yes
<vuuar> done
<Pix> for the spells, because you have to target, therse is no collision between you and any object...
<Pix> done

<Kimuji> <[OLB]Holyseal> does the engine allow variable water level ? i mean, will there be zones that are submerged by water during certain seasons, for exemple ?
<Pix> to date, that is not implemented, but we are thinking about that and i'm sure we will be
<Pix> able to implement tides depending on the moon.
<Pix> done

<Kimuji> <[Ba]Malinaria> Will you use the pixel shading for water and armor/metal effect ?
<Dream> We working at the moment on several pixel vertex and texture shader
<Dream> For diffrents visual effect : Water, armor, multiple SFX.
<Dream> Done

<Kimuji> <[SI]Eldenor> Will we find some dark or light cristal in Ganareth ? Will it serve to something else than feeding the mana fountain, like increasing magic power ?
<vuuar> yep cristal mines will ne usefull for craft... not only for mana fountains...
<vuuar> in fact basic one will be used for mana fountains, pure one for craft

<Kimuji> <[TSG]Voronwe> How does targetting work? Do you click on a player, or cycle through a list of players with a key?
<vuuar> Both like others games. .:)
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <many guys> when will we see the game interface ?
<Falco> As soon as the GD team gets confortable with the one we have right now
<Falco> and that the testers will commit everything
<Falco> done

<Kimuji> <[R-A]MiniMei> -Is there a free shoot mode for bow(and others) ? without target needed.. like a FPS... ?
<vuuar> Sniper Mode exist with bow.. it's look like more fps.. :)
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <PAX> Can we change the level of detail ourself and/or is it automatic?
<Pix> of course you, can choose you render configuration which allows to adjust all the paramteters such as :
<Pix> lod, textures sizes, ram cash, Z clip...
<Pix> but anyway, you can select one preset configuration.
<Pix> done

<Kimuji> <Rev> if your attacking a monster will you beable to see cuts and wounds you afflick on it or will it just show the health of the moster go down?
<Dream> If you attacking a monster, you'll cannot see cuts.
<Dream> But the anims of monster will be changed in real time
<Dream> So you'll see when the monster is very tired and nice dead...
<Dream> done

<Kimuji> <[SI]Orba> Have you finally named Ganareth's money? If yes, could you tell us more information? :) or will you start a contest on the main site for example ?
<vuuar> we have find one, but we are open for a contest.. :)
<vuuar> done
<Kimuji> and it's secret ? :p
<vuuar> not really.. ;)
<vuuar> done

<Kimuji> <[TSG]Nevar> Is the path left in the snow by walking through it, as seen in the videos the final graphic? Or will this be improved on?
<Pix> no, thats not the final version, because we have to assign the right lighting effects and
<Pix> the rights graphics depending of the context (lot of heavy snow, or ligh snow...)
<Pix> done

<Kimuji> <Endoryan> In which graphical way do you implement special weather events like tornados? Will there be objects flying around?
<Pix> for the beginning of the developpement of this game, we try to be more and more
<Pix> realistic... so for tornados we will try to implement specials effects such as
<Pix> several objects which are carried along by the wind (maybe dodos ;-) )
<Pix> done

<Kimuji> <[SoF]Lord-Kagda> how will spells effect the enviroment? if i cast a lighting spell at a person, and it lands and hits the earth/grass will there be any markings left?
<plis> The traces will be erased with time
<plis> done

<Kimuji> [SI]Cievon --> What is the advancement of the game developement in percentage approximatively ?
<Falco> We cannot tell you a percentage cause it would be a fake one. As you may know...
<Falco> a game like this has a life and it will be finally done as it dies.
<Falco> But for now, it's the complete genesis we are all living and sharing with you guys
<Falco> done

<Kimuji> <[SI]Aleoen-behr> Will we see on screen ONLY what our character is able to see or not (i mean a building , a rock or a tree may hide people)
<Dream> Of course. You can hide yourself behind all that you want...
<Dream> done
<Kimuji> but can you see something your char can't with his eyes, using moves of the camera ?
<Dream> Yes. Absolutly. You can move your camera and see all the world...
<Dream> You can choose a diffrent camera.
<Dream> done

<Kimuji> <[T7P]Psychopath> Will that Dragon be in game with that rendering or will you put one with lower poly version?
<plis> it will be quality of the images .. Its not a fake juste an artwork
<plis> done

<Kimuji> <Pax> Is the LoS limited by bandwidth?
<Pix> the Z clip is limited by the bandwidth and it's calculated by the size of a planet of o size like Mars...
<Pix> so, the limit is approx 75 kilometers.. thats enough for a good game play, I hope ;-)
<Pix> done

<Kimuji> <[SoF-Rec]Vingador> Will the terrain change with the years??? like forests, rivers, montains.
<Pix> not really, in fact we manage seasons, and maybe in futur we will be able to manage more
<Pix> such as grounds movements... but not sure ....
<Pix> done

<Kimuji> <[SI]Aleoen-behr> Are the hair of the character, and clothing, moved by the wind ?
<Dream> Not for the first release. But ...
<Dream> I'm sure that'll be in a future patche.
<Dream> done

<Kimuji> <many guys> Will you beable to reach high levels going solo?
<vuuar> depend of activity.. fighting in solo for high level will be more difficult, but exploration or craft could be done.. :)
<vuuar> done


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