21st of october 2003 Dev chat log

21/10/2003 Dev-chat log file

<DivZero> how are you thomas? :)
<Neorapsta> Greetings Thomas
<tomdnl> Yes i m thomas, actually im in charge of websites and global communication about dnl
<DivZero> i asked how you where, not who :)
<Neorapsta> Thomas I wish you welcome on behalf of the DnL Community
<tomdnl> im fine, tired but fine , and very happy to see you all there
<DivZero> yeah, im getting spammed with: say hi to tomdnl for me!! :P
<Neorapsta> good to hear
<tomdnl> im glad to see that so many people is present
<tomdnl> and id like to thank you all for your great motivation
<DivZero> LoL, welcome Kevin|Away :)
<eg0> Let's begin with some questions..
<eg0> What will be the tools available for webmasters related to the game? - Tymora
<DivZero> we got a epiknet admin around lol :P
<Kevin|Away> :)
<tomdnl> investigators well... fdi (federal dodo investigators) lol
<tomdnl> lets be serious
<eg0> Thomas, will you be able to answer following question?

<eg0> What will be the tools available for webmasters related to the game? - Tymora
<tomdnl> at this time we are trying to optimize our web services,
<tomdnl> a better forum allowing guild master to have a better control of their guild's forum
<tomdnl> and many tools that youll soon discover, but we are very conscient of the power of the history into DnL
<tomdnl> a unique world allows to create its own story...
<tomdnl> done

<eg0> How did DnL fare at the TGS (Tokyo Game Show) and is there any information regarding DnL at that event for us fans? - Zelph
<tomdnl> I cant say anything at this time concerning the TGS, but the most important that the dev still hard workin on the dev
<tomdnl> but even if they are no special announcment at the TGS, you ll get good infos on the website
<tomdnl> we ll soon publish the story of Aldrifa, and we are workin hard on the way to show more about the gameplay
<tomdnl> done

<eg0> Besides gameplay, what other features would subscribing to the game get you? - [SoF-jR][OuTcAsT]
<tomdnl> the most important for you all it's to understand how the engine works
<tomdnl> we are not on a traditional graphic and gameplay dev
<tomdnl> so things may be unvisible for a long time and pop up suddenly to the public's eye

<tomdnl> done (sorry im a quite chatty)
<eg0> Can we expect any more class info as time goes by? - [AP]Zior
<tomdnl> yes youll get soon, but we still prefer give you complete infos and not only part of it, so we d like to offer you a large vision of classes
<tomdnl> done

<DivZero> Greetings Vuuar_[Dnl_GD] from the whole dnl community :)
<tomdnl> hi Vuuar the great

<eg0> Will we be able to give colours for the armors and / or other equipment? ie If one wants to have a black armor on Shadow Knight will it be possible? - [AO]Salahsur
<tomdnl> yes that character personalization is one of the most important point,
<tomdnl> as you ever seen, clothes and armours are independants objetcs
<tomdnl> done

<eg0> Will echanters be able to enchant weapons and jewelry to boost them? - [EOG]Grizabell
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> of course.. ;)
<tomdnl> hey i can tell the same
<tomdnl> yes of course ;)

<eg0> Will we be able to "display / hide" the radar to not have it always on the screen? - Necros
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yep... but remember, what you seee in ST is NOT the Game.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will intelligent creatures, such as Dragons, act intelligently and be able to attack cities, villages, and fortresses on thier own? Or will they just mind their own business? - ZelphW
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> you will be certainly surprise about the AI, of the Big dragons.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done.

<eg0> Can guilds give own titles to their members such as "Head mage" or "Apprentice" ingame? - [SoF]Shazi
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Guild system is really complete, titles are authorize in Guild, but we will be open to adjust this in Beta with Guilds themselves
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will water take a part in the healing of the character? - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> precise plz..
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> i don't understand the question plz.; ;)
<DivZero> I think: will you also need water, besides food, to live
<eg0> ie. there has been said that food will take part of the health and healing of the character, will water have same effect?
<tomdnl> drinkin water or water as a drug?
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> ah ! of course, a character need water too.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> but a cleric can heal somebody without any water with him.. lol ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> When does the next phase of the beta test begin? - Countless people
<tomdnl> One of our goal is to let the most part of you discover the Dark and Light's Engine
<tomdnl> so you gonna have good surprises about the stab test,
<tomdnl> but the first online tests will be limited
<tomdnl> done

<eg0> Will we be able to take advantage of the darkness (ie ambushes) or will there be "unrealistic nightvision"? - Arokh
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yep darkness is really important, specialy for assassination..
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will there be water animals, like whales or dolphins? - [SI]Angelstar73
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yes, sea fauna exist in DnL, but not only so kindy animals.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> How do you feel beta is progressing? Are you close to the schudule you had hoped? - curzar
<tomdnl> one of the most important topic of our private forums is "what an huge world"
<tomdnl> so at this time, excepting some minor bugs, everybody is very surprised by the power of the engine and its possibilities
<tomdnl> last point
<tomdnl> many configuration are tested at this time and not only war computers
<tomdnl> but no complaint about framerate ...

<eg0> Will we be able to make the technology progress by our own by creating new things... and will we be able to built ourself the cable-cars, the balloon and such technological things? - Thrilin
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Theorically, lot of things are possible, but we will decide in Game with testers and during the live of the Game what we we really authorized
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> For exemple, Explorers can become Time Master and Create their own teleports points, perhaps it can be Baloon or others things.. we have to decide in game..
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> How long does it take to walk 2km? - [AP]Blacklight
<tomdnl> walk ?
<tomdnl> creep you mean
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> depend where you walk.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> it's not like in the ST
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> on road, much facter than thrue mountains.. ;)

<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> but a super heroe can run at 8 km/heures but be carefull with your stamina.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> We know that mages will be vulnerable to bowmen, but how a bowman can challenge a faery according to her small size, her swiftness, and her ability to move in the 3 dimensions? - Yoco_Cid
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> that's is the challenge !
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> but a fairie can cast a spell only in static mode !
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will there be a large choice of musicial instruments in game? - Karnak
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> For sure, because Bards need them.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> So far we know we can become "Master" and "Grandmaster" but what are the other ranks we could get? Can you show us a list? - [SoF]Shazi
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Novice, Apprentice, Companion, Confirmed Companion, Master and Great Master
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will rangers be able to venom arrows, which would explain the choice of a lutin ranger? - Yoyo_Cid
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> lutin knows very well poisonus....
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> so a ranger lutin is great for venom arrows
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> lutin as ranger is really usefull, because rangers in DnL are very important...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> they are the eyes of the group... and the world is huge...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> We already know a lot about the planned features of DnL, and are amazed at the awesome content of this game... But, according to the huge amount of work required, which features will be ready for the release? - Cocyte
*silence gené*
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> i really think that underwater cities can not be released directly, but depend on our dev... If we have to make choices, we will delay high level action like manage big cities...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will there be an option for 2 guilds of the same faction to have a freindly guildwar for fun, if both guilds want to? - [AP]Zior
<eg0> Will there be flesh wounds, broken armors, etc. in the Dark and Light? - spectral_buddha
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> first one, yes you are able to duel each other : one to one or Group to Group or Guild to Guild
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yes, you can broke armors in DnL
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> and some weapons are good for that.. :)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will Dark and Light be both keyboard and mouse controlled, which one dominates? - [AP]BlackLight
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> ??? i think you will need of all of them.. lol
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> How deep will the character development be? ie Will faeris be able to choose color of their wings. - [SoF]Derianna
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yes, you will be surprised too about your character config.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will dark player be able to gain control for of their fortress/barony/etc. to another Dark player? - [AO]Fyrdrinc
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> No.. ;) but you can pay a light for that, and so arrange you with him.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Can we sleep in the Dark and Light? - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yep, to recovery more quickly your long stamina
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Can there be names with more then 2 parts? - [RoA]RA4-MacRoth
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> a name can be very long, specially if you are a noble in Charge like Baron of the City of flower.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> DnL is written in Open GL - how are ATI cards faring and what graphics cards would you recommend for optimal performance in the game? - [T7P]Kellare
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Our Dev work as well with ATI and Nvidia... AT the momment Nvidia is more reactive with them, but now ATI become to come back too, so i think at the release there will be no problem with all video cards
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> How 'smart' will be the AI for NPC's? Will NPC's be able to create their own villages? And how will they interact (if at all) with the environment? - Zelph
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Camp notion is really different in DnL.. Because when you kill all NPCs with their village, for sure they will not come back at the same place.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> and NPC will become higher and higher with time if nobody found them.. ;) even in low level area...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> As there is no Shaman class, what is the closest implemented class to be similar? - [AP]Zior
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> lol You will learn more about shaman class in new books about immortals... But 2 classes will not be at the first release, but are already in starting block for next release like shaman.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> shaman can buff dead before they rez.. ;) that's just an exemple...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> What will be the ressources given to webmasters (data base, XMl, ...)? - Tymora
<tomdnl> for which usage?
<Rift> for fansite
<Rift> to creating website dynamically with the data of the game - tymora
<Rift> like chronicles in daoc - tymora
<tomdnl> yes we'll provide many tools such as XML and DB.
<Rift> done?
<tomdnl> yes, just wanna say and many other things...

<Rift>  Will there be areas in the game "dungeons" that will take weeks to explore? - curzar
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Dungeons will not be at the first release....
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> on outside area
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> but for sure you will take some time to all explore.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<Rift> When will be the next beta test and how many beta testers will have luck to be accepted in? - [CdP]Phoelith
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> We think 3 weeks, and we have not yet defined the number...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<Rift> Will it be possible to recognise people in a certain guild by looking at them? - [NR]Deloriand
<tomdnl> blue for creeps and red for bloods... lol
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> We will authorized Guild to have their own dresses.. So if somebody wear it it can be recognasied
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will the titles be based on our skills or do we get them by accomplishing quests? - [SoF]Shazi
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> titles in your name ?
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Noble Title is authomaticaly with your level of SXP
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> but you need to be in charge of a city to have a complete name
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> For FXP, specialities at high level can give you some titles too
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> for craft, your skill give you the title
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> will we be able to fight on the water with boat, and if yes, will there be crafter for boats? - Raagnar
<eg0> will we be able to fight on the water with boat, and if yes, will there be crafter for boats? - Raagnar
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> for the first release boat are only transport... But we work to give more importance in Marine action... for next release
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Can you say some to us more on the styles of combats ? - Salmoneous[CMF]
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> i think we can have soon ashort video of it.. ;)
<tomdnl> yes
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> but we really want to give that to the first online testers...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done
<tomdnl> dev are workin hard on action/reaction fights....surprise surprise

<eg0> What will the ingame banking system be like? will we be able to create our own banks hiring NPC's to look after the cash? - [SoF]Bandar
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Money is too important to let it in the players hands.. so we will see first how all is working before to give more power to players.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> What system requiments are expected for the final release? - Xim
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> like we have already explain... 1.8 GHz, 512 Mo RAM 3D video Card like Gforce4
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> in the first ST, we test with lower level of computers with different Engine Mode, it's not really a problem...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> At wich level the god faction affect the powers of a char? - [SOP]Childeric_Kaldor
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> in the first level, with the luck !
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> God are really important in DnL, God are the same for Dark or Light Characters
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> so whan you give more power to your GOd, you will give more power to the others characters in the opposite alignememnt.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Can you please tell us the specialisations for all the classe - [CCC|TG]Grat
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Joker
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Can we create our own town? - Angelstar73
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> ALl you want to create in Game must be patch before to be able to be seen with otehrs players...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> so yes, but with some limitations
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> What will the wars be like?  Will they be confined to a certain area, or will they happen out in the open for other people to view? - [T7P]Arathorn
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Most of declared WAR are confined in certain area, but can be seen by others, they only not be autjorized to join the war without any authorisation
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> savage agression can be done everywhere... :)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> but be careffull if those kind of agression are too strong..The God of the other character is here.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> How will you make the guilds general practitioners? Because it seems that the current system of guild is more specialized "warlike", "craftsmen", "friends" but when a guild has the three at the same time, what will happen ? will it have suitable tools? or will it have to be divided into three? - [SI]Thea
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Guild system will be test in last Betas.. because we need to have all working before giving some powers to players.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> dont be worry about that.. we will debug with guilds themselves
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> will we be able te perform psionic spells, like movind other objects, and take over other characters minds/controls..? - [ToTl]Kciroj
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Illusionist and enchanters are good for that, necros with undeads...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Can you give us a little more detailed description of flying? Will we be able to fly high above the ground, and how will we control whatever we're flying. Also, if we move or fly too far, how will you handle this? Will we bump into an invisible wall? - [NR]Faltyrion
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> You don't have any invisble wall in DnL, but for sure some strong Monsters can kill you.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> you have to fly with a dragon, or for fairies, their stamina will not authorized them to fly so far...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> What part is PvE holding in this PvP environment; will mobs be useful only for exp or will there be huge PvE event as seen in other MMORPGS? - [SI]Arctarus
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> You will certainly be surprised by the AI of our main monsters... So PvE can be very nice too... But for sure it's exist some simples monsters with poor AI.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will the NPCs remember if you attacked them? and if so, will the memory fade over time? - [SoF-jR][OuTcAsT]
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yep they can log characters, depend of their AI.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will there be some kind of regulation to avoid that dark or light side will take overhand? - [SoF]Taspharel
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yes, of course...

<eg0> How will be managed the monster's movements in the landscapes in order to prevent them beeing blocked and having some exploit spots? - [ELN]Chevalier
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> too technical for me.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> sorry
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will there be crossbows and if so how will they be diffrent from normal bows? increased accuracy and power but less range ect.? - [AP]Kathen
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yep crossbow exist in DnL
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> they are great for archers, for sniping at long range.
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> and more powerfull than bows, but really less speed..
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> How dose the bard magic work is it a pulse system or someting else? and is there a speed song/speel that will make you run fast for bards? - [AP]Darkpadden
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> nice advantage of Bard that they can be active without any magic..

<eg0> Will we have a black list for know who make a savage agression on the player? - Angelstar73
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yep those kind of players can become "Wanted" and so you can have a good price with their head !
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> How could we get an high political rank? - Yoda
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> you have to raise in SXP, but you need to be really a good politician to be able to manage a Kingdom, only 10 kingdoms exist !
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will there be a working mouselook? like when you turn your mouse, your character will also turn. - [SoF]Palk0
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yes.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> lot of cameras exist now, we already debug soem of  them in ST...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0>  Will we be told by the client that the things we eat or drink smell or taste good/bad? - [NR]Deloriand
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> too high level of dev.. we will certainly decide of this later...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<tomdnl> Thanks you all, i have to go...
<tomdnl> bye

<eg0> Can one become ill? and can he forward his virus by accident? - Angelstar73 and Yoda (compined two questions)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yep, you can become ill.. We spoke about virus in GD comite, we would like too, we have to decide...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Do you choose beta testers by their forum post count? - Several people
<eg0> Specification:  Some people are very active at reading posts, but don't post often.
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> we choice the first one not only with their forum post count, but yes we wanted to give a gift to our old fans.. ;) but don't worry we will open soon to more.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will there be a working post office in the cities, that parcels and letters can be sent to/from? - [NR]Deloriand
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> not at the momment

<eg0> Can we do battle with the gods themsleves under certain conditions? - [AP]Zior
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> The 10th kingdom is the Kingdom of the Gods, so you must be really powerfull to fight in it.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will dark and light from a same "craft" guild will be allow to communicate? - Kimuji
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yep, you can make business beetween Dark and Light
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Can we chat to people anywhere or is chat restricted by location? - [T7P]Kellare
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> with your friends averywhere
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will money be consistant or not ? For instance if i have a gold coin, can i give half of it to someone (which would mean that the coin des not exist indeed, my money is just a number), or not? - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> coins are consistant because you will have to manage the weight of them.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> What disadvantages will players who are 'wanted' have? - Xim
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> You can be wanted in only a Baronny, Comty, Duchy, Kingdom or everywhere
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> in those area whare you are Wanted, NPC Guards can attack you in sight, Traders will not sell you anything etc...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> and some powerfull players wants to kill you for money.. I think it's enough..lol
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<Neorapsta> Greetings Cesar from the Community

<eg0> What about housing? will there be special areas for player houses or will this be in the entire world? can we decorate the area around our houses, like gardens or something similar? - Strangelove
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Everybody will have a flat in DnL, a house will be more expensive.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> specials areas are authorized to put a house... But we will give you soon more infos about nice places for houses soon...
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Cesar plz talk to us about the choice of our first beta testers...
<Cesar_[npcube]> Yes in fact our first choice was on the capacity of the computer ...
<Cesar_[npcube]> not the more powerfull one, but a range of them
<Cesar_[npcube]> to identify all the fine tuning of our 3D engine Mafate
<eg0> I'ld like to point out that we try to be equal to everyone and select the beta testers to have best testing possibilities for the final result.
<Cesar_[npcube]> done

<eg0> Will half races spawn the same city as full races? - Serenity
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> half races will spawn near the full races, but not really at thesame place
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will money have weight that affects your characters weight allowance? - [SoF-jR][OuTcAsT]
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> yep !
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will the NPC naturally recover hit points and heal wounds, or will his wounds need to be fixed by using bandages, potion or cleric's spells? - Cocyte
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> Time will repair lot of things in DnL
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will some poison effects will be visible on screen (trouble of vision)? - Aawen1
<Cesar_[npcube]> some deformation and perhaps some more funny effect
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> some filters exist in the vision character, poison can be one of them
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Are all crafts available to all classes/races, or are there some crafts available only to some classes/races ? - Skaar
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> all are available for all characters, but bonuses exist.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will archers have to actualy 'aim' their bow, or will it be automatically rolled with the target selected? - [AP]Zior
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> automatic
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Does it help the gameplay to know the ganheptameron really good? - [AP]BlackLight
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> for the fans of hard quests, yes.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will fishing be possible? if there is fish in lakes/rivers that is. - Rellington
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> not for the moment... but you will certainly find some fish already prepared to eat.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> We can rule cities but, what kind of tools a lord will have to do this ? taxes, making roads, law... ? - Thrilin
<Cesar_[npcube]> DnL provide many game in the game features because it is an mmorpg and we spend many time in it
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> That is specially the last things we have to finish to do before the release, like i said you before we can already launch the game without all those high function, because some of them can be access by only 10 players !
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> Will the weather systems determine what creatures spawn, i.e lizards won't spawn when there is snow? - curzar
<Cesar_[npcube]> Yes weather is very linked with the Game design and game mechanism
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

<eg0> How many player do you think your server can hold without having major technical issue? - [SI]Arctarus
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> ah ! Cesar.. ;)
<Cesar_[npcube]> in fact the architecture of the server is centered on scalability
<Cesar_[npcube]> so we have no tehcnical limitations ...
<Cesar_[npcube]> but only massive beta test could solve the good tuning of the server farm !
<Cesar_[npcube]> Even our world is big, we dispatch power calculation on many computer, and many network provider to help the server farm to provide good result
<Cesar_[npcube]> done

<eg0> I really wonder how the time our character will spend sleeping, will be translated in terms of gameplay? - [SI]Aleoen
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> not too much.. because we really don't want our players spend too much time sleeping.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> but in the choice of your bed, you can have a really quick and efficient sleep.. ;)
<Vuuar_[Dnl_GD]> done

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